Black Rhino Sprocket - 2095SPK-86140G12

SPROCKET Matte Gunmetal with Black Lip Edge Wheels by BLACK RHINO®. Add a touch of elegance and aggressive appearance to your vehicle, while improving its off-road performance with a set of Sprocket wheels from Black Rhino. The beefy mesh spokes are placed nicely in the wheel barrels lip and topped off with a mesmerizing fractalized center giving the Sprocket that unique custom offroad wheel look. The wheel is designed to match oversized tires to give you even more performance on the all-terrain trails. 

Type:                           Black, Cast, Custom, Off-Road
Diameter:                    20"
Width:                         9.5"
Bolt Pattern:                6 x 139.7 mm
Min-Offset:                 -18 mm
Max-Offset:                 -18 mm
Min Hub Bore:             112.1 mm