DiabloSport Trinity 2 MX Monitor - 9050

The Trinity 2 MX is the most advanced digital gauge solution on the market. A eye-catching, capacitive touch screen give you the sharpest graphic display available so you can keep a close eye on your vehicle while improving the aesthetic of your dash. An all-new, high-speed, processor provides blisteringly fast swipe gestures and navigation throughout the product features resulting in a user experience that will be like nothing else on the market.
The T2 MX is the perfect addition for any 1996 or newer, OBD2 equipped, car, truck or SUV. Analog gauges are a thing of the past as the Trinity 2 gives you expanded monitoring capabilities, diagnostics like read/clear DTCs, performance tests, data logging, and a path to upgrade to a full-featured performance tuner. With high definition graphics, an industry leading display, and legendary DiabloSport quality, the T2 is the best upgrade you can add to your ride.